I was very impressed with the service I received. I enjoyed having texts sent to me daily on how my gang of animals was doing. They are very reliable and caring. I will definitely use them again!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Whiskey, Tequila, and Ranger

Thank you for providing this service. Our family was very pleased with Homey Hounds. I would not hesitate to call the next time we are out of town. I loved that the doggies got to stay in the comfort of their own home instead of being boarded. It is also nice to have someone there to check the house while you are away. : ) Thanks again
Sarah Cox

Pig and Levi

Lauren is amazing. Her crew is amazing. I never worry for a second that my guys aren’t in great hands. She truly loves the animals and it shows. Whenever we return home, the dogs act like we’ve only been gone an hour! Lauren gives us such peace of mind when we’re away. She even cleaned pet spots on our carpet ! Old ones! Homey Hounds is a keeper.
Angela Hoeffler

Charlie, Moose, and Gio

I love this place! I called at the last minute when my regular pet sitter cancelled last minute to go on a spring break trip. My pet sitter met with me that evening, took detailed notes on all of my instructions and sent me a text message every time she got done with a visit just to let me know that my babies were OK. The price was great compared to similar services, and I love that they do other chores like taking out the trash and watering plants for free and didn’t charge me any extra, even though I have 5 dogs.
Susan Randall

Whiskers, Simba, and Lola

Homey Hounds is amazing. We don’t have any family here and are new to the area so it was hard to find someone to trust watching our family members, but the minute that Lauren entered our home I knew she would be the right caregiver and she has proven me right. We are at complete ease now when we leave town or are just out for the day that our two dogs are well cared for and that we have the best pet sitter in San Antonio!
Cherish Novotny

Daisy and Jet

Homey Hounds is GREAT!!! I have used them many times and ALWAYS a super experience. My dogs are always very happy!
Joe Jablecki

Isabel, Larry, and Daphne

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